Swing Trading - Trade Achievers

Contents Covered in Course

Basics of Fundamental analysis:

  • What does financial market actually mean
  • Who are trading the financial markets
  • Understanding the history of markets
  • Who are LP, Banks, Hedge funds
  • Institutional players and retail traders
  • What the brokers hide from the retail traders

What we should know before trading?

  • How to choose a right broker
  • Understanding the market and the factors that are driving the financial markets
  • How to use the leverage for trading
  • Balancing the money management and risk management
  • Preparing to react for major economic events affecting the financial markets

Trend Trading Workshop:

  • What is a trend in financial markets
  • How to analyze a trend in markets
  • Technical tool used to find the trends
  • What are the different types of Trend

How To Find Trend Reversal:

  • What is a double top in financial markets ?
  • What is a double bottom ?
  • Box breakout strategy
  • What is trend line and channel?

Psychological aspects:

  • Is trading the financial markets profitable
  • Why do traders lose money in the markets
  • What is the common mistakes traders do
  • The misconception among the retail traders around the globe
  • How to overcome the myths behind the trading world
  • Understanding the institutional trading secrets

Dynamic Support & Resistance:

  • What is a support & Resistance
  • How to use the dynamic support & Resistance
  • Why retail traders lose using S&R
  • How professional traders use support & Resistance
  • What are the different types of support and resistance
  • How to trade using support and resistance like a pro

The phenomenal Fibonacci:

  • What is Fibonacci
  • What are the types of Fibonacci
  • How to trade using Fibonacci retracement
  • How to use Fibonacci extension
  • What are the things to know before entering a trade
  • Where to enter and exit a trade
  • Where are stop loss and take profits placed

How to be a consistently profitable trader:

  • Discipline
  • Money – Management
  • Risk – Management
  • Factors to enter a trade
  • Important things to analyze before entering a trader
  • Back testing the strategies
  • Conclusion

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