TEST 2.5 - Trade Achievers

TEST 2.5


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1. Which of the following companies has proposed the biggest Public issue in India recently?
2. ___________ was fined by RBI for irregularities in Vehicle loans division
3. Which petrochemical firm has announced a divided of Rs.58 per share recently?
4. The city of Dubai denounced _________ calling it as an elaborate phishing campaign?
5. Prices of commodities typically __________ when inflation is accelerating?
6. According to RBI Report ______ out of 29 IPO stocks gave positive returns in FY21?
7. Which of the following are characters of an index fund?
8. TATA Sons bought majority stake in which of the following e-grocery firm?
9. F&O Trading resumes in a banned product when the Open interest is about ______% of market wide limits?
10. Nifty Infrastructure index is a _____________?
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