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TEST 2.4


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1. Rating Firm Moody's reduced India's growth projection in FY2022 to?
2. As per SEBI latest directive, Alternative Investment Funds' investment limit has been increased to?
3. L&T Infotech has declared a final dividend of Rs._____ to its share holders?
4. Which of the following countries banned its financial institutions from facilitating crypto trades?
5. Reserve bank of India to give about Rs. ________ from its profits as dividend to Government of India?
6. Which of the following Company rebranded itself as Go First in view of its IPO?
7. Which of the following company contributes the most to nifty media index?
8. The Lot size of TATA Chemicals is to be reduced to _____ from current series?
9. F&O Trading is banned when the Open interest is about ______% of market wide limits?
10. The total number of constituent companies in Nifty Pharma is?
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