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Test Your Trading Knowledge v2.3


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1. Which of the following sector has rallied the most in recent days?
2. As per SEBI latest directive, Mutual funds have to pay its key people______ perks in Mutual fund units?
3. The US Economy grew at _____ in Q1 boosting dollar value.
4. The Company which has decided to shift operations outside India in view of Covid?
5. Which of the following PSUs came out with Invit Recently?
6. Which of the following crypto currency is trading around all time high levels of $2950?
7. Nifty 50's constituent companies are determined by?
8. The Lot size of TATA steel is to be reduced to _____ from July series?
9. Which of the following is a two candle trading pattern?
10. The total number of constituent companies in Nifty IT is?
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