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Price Action + Option Strategist Course

Successful stock trading is all about formulating a certain set of rules and sticking to those rules diligently. We at trade achievers have formulated rules for stock trading through years of experience in live trading.

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The course starts with the basics of the financial markets, where all things a new trader approaching the stock markets has to be aware of, like basics of Futures and Options, Candlesticks, Method of choosing stocks for trading, etc.,. Only after providing this fundamental knowledge about the stock market, we will move to technical analysis of stock markets.

We teach fourteen simple yet important subjects for stock trading with specific rules for stock trading in our Price Action Swing Trading course. This powerful course has created many professional traders, you can also be one among them, by learning and practicing the contents of the course over and over again.

The Subjects taught in trade achievers include:

People involved in stock market trading would have come across the quote, “Trend is your friend” many a times. But Most retail traders have problems with identifying the market trends. Even if they identify the trends correctly, they cannot use them properly as they don’t know the rules for trading using trend. We teach trend analysis with proper rules.

Trends in the markets are not permanent, they change over time and the ability to identify trend reversals is important for trading success.

Analysis of Charts should be done over different time frames to get a clear picture about what the market is doing. There is a specific set of time frames in which should be used, which will be taught in the session. Identification of trend reversals also revolve around this crucial concept.

This is a very vital and commonly misunderstood concept about stock market trading. Many traders tend to believe, support and resistance is about drawing lines in charts, which sadly is not the case. Understanding concepts thoroughly is important to excel in the subject. We provide proper guidance about plotting and trading using support and resistance.

Markets move because of Institutional trading activities, which every retail trader should be aware of, if not, they can be easily manipulated. Knowledge about these supply and demand zones help in placing our stop losses properly.

market movements create wave structures and trading these types of wave structures helps us in maximizing our profits. Every asset class traded in the market, undergoes correction because of various reasons like profit booking and an idea about these waves help us to trade them efficiently.

The Invention of Japanese, provides data about the four important price points (Open, High, Low and Close) prices. Charts comprising of these patterns can be used efficiently, to identify possible areas of price reversals when used in combination with certain rules.

These are dynamic forms of Support or resistances, which when combined with trends offer potential for profitable trade setups. With our experience, we have formulated the rules for trading using these exiting structures.

Channels are an improvised version of trendlines. These structures are combination of support and resistance for the price, which when properly understood can help us maximize our trading opportunities.

These are the price reversal pattern, which every retail trader should be aware of, as they are very simple to trade. There are certain rules understanding which can give you an edge in your trading.

These are also price reversal patterns. There are different types of these reversal patterns. These patterns have a high hit-rate and offer valuable opportunities for long-term investments with a higher profit potential.

Range bound markets are common in financial markets. Box breakout strategy helps us to understand, where the rangebound markets will break.

The Italian mathematician’s invention which governs the laws of the universe can be put to efficient use for stock market trading. The retracement tool is used to place proper entry points in a trending market.

This tool is also an invention of Leonardo Fibonacci, which is used to properly place our target levels. These are time tested tools which when used properly can help any new trader achieve success in their trading careers.

• Delta
• Gamma
• Theta
• Vega
• Rho
All these Greek terms represent a certain factor, which affects the prices of an option, The factors which impact, options premium will be thoroughly explained with respect to the perspectives of both option buyers and options sellers.

Traders who use options as their primary trading products, should know how to buy and sell options, so that, they can maximize their profits from the markets. Since, selling options involves lot of risk, we must employ some strategies, whose outputs can be measured using payoff calculations.

Strategies can be employed using call and put options and various market conditions like bullish, bearish and rangebound markets. Various strategies taught in our course include,

• Protective call
• Protective Put
• Covered Call
• Bullish and Bearish call spreads;
• Bullish and Bearish Put Spreads;
• Long and short straddles;
• Long and Short Strangles etc.,.

These strategies can be employed according to the market conditions. We can also formulate our own strategies based on our understanding and requirements to trade in options.

Conditions Apply: Since knowledge about technical analysis is necessary to trade options, only those students who have completed price action course are eligible to attend our options classes.

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