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Options Strategist

Options are a special kind of financial derivative products, created for insurance purpose. With time, Retail traders also started to trade them. Trading in options requires knowledge about their pricing and working.

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Trade achievers offers a comprehensive course for traders in options trading, titled “Options Strategist” which covers, option Greeks and various strategies, that are being used to trade in options. After completion of this course, traders will be able to creating trading strategies, suited for their requirements.

Topics covered in the course are:

• Delta
• Gamma
• Theta
• Vega
• Rho
All these Greek terms represent a certain factor, which affects the prices of an option, The factors which impact, options premium will be thoroughly explained with respect to the perspectives of both option buyers and options sellers.

Traders who use options as their primary trading products, should know how to buy and sell options, so that, they can maximize their profits from the markets. Since, selling options involves lot of risk, we must employ some strategies, whose outputs can be measured using payoff calculations.

Strategies can be employed using call and put options and various market conditions like bullish, bearish and rangebound markets. Various strategies taught in our course include,

• Protective call
• Protective Put
• Covered Call
• Bullish and Bearish call spreads;
• Bullish and Bearish Put Spreads;
• Long and short straddles;
• Long and Short Strangles etc.,.

These strategies can be employed according to the market conditions. We can also formulate our own strategies based on our understanding and requirements to trade in options.

Conditions Apply: Since knowledge about technical analysis is necessary to trade options, only those students who have completed price action course are eligible to attend our options classes.

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