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Markets often form patterns and knowledge about these patterns is a crucial component of a trader’s arsenal. It is also an indispensable requisite for a professional trader. Over years, Many traders have successfully employed these patterns to pile up their profits.

The Advanced Pattern trader Course offered by Trade Achievers is meticulously designed. In this course, Patterns, Waves and Drive structures will be discussed. Identification and trading methods of different patterns will also be explained .

Contents Covered in Course

The Course will discuss elaborately about Elliot wave, Wolfe wave, Harmonic patterns, Triangle Pattern, Flag pattern, Wedge pattern and Head and Shoulder pattern.

Elliot waves:

  • Impulse waves, Corrective waves and wolfe waves will be taught
  • Corrective wave patterns like triangle wave pattern, consolidation pattern and Zig Zag waves will also be discussed

Trend continuation and reversal patterns:

  • Harmonic ABCD and extended ABCD Patterns and thier significance will be expounded.

Gartley Patterns:

  • Bat pattern, Cypher pattern, Crab pattern and butterfly pattern, their formation, importance and trading will be discussed

Triangle patterns:

  • In this subject, we will be learning about Ascending, Descending and Symmetric triangle patterns, rules of their formation and their trading methodology.

Additional patterns:

  • Additional patterns formations like Pennant pattern, wedge pattern and flag pattern will be taught.
  • Head and Shoulder pattern and its variants will also be discussed in detail.

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