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Advanced Pattern traders

Prices of assets like stocks and commodities often move in such a way to create patterns. Understanding these patterns can help traders maximum setups and maximize their profits. Trade Achievers training academy offers, “advanced pattern trader course”.

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Contents Covered in Course

The course helps retail traders identify and trade these setups. A stock trader’s ability to recognize these structures give them an edge in trading their markets.

Topics Covered in the course include:

• Bullish Pennants
• Bearish Pennants
• Falling Wedge
• Rising Wedge
• Bullish Flag
• Bearish Flag;
• Head and Shoulder Pattern
• Extended Shoulder
• Inverse Head and Shoulder

• ABCD Pattern formation
• Extended ABCD Patterns
• Diamond Pattern

• Ascending triangle
• Descending triangle
• Symmetrical triangle.

• Impulse wave
• Corrective wave
• Wolfee wave
• Triangle wave
• Consolidation wave
• Zig- Zag wave

• Gartley pattern
• Bat Pattern
• Butterfly Pattern
• Cypher Pattern
• Crab Pattern

Upon completion and through practice, traders will be able to identify and trade these patterns profitably.

Conditions Apply:  Since Knowledge about technical analysis is necessary to attend these courses, only those students who have completed price action course are eligible to attend this course.

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