Kishore Kumar - Trade Achievers

In the year 2009, I knew about the fascinating world of financial markets and it immediately caught my imagination. In the beginning, everything was rosy and I made profits and was over the moon about the money. As luck would have it, my profits begin to dwindle down and at one stage, my trading account was in shatters. And even then, I didn’t know how.

I wanted to know how I lost all my money! At this point, my fascination towards financial markets drove me towards “gaining knowledge”. I read a lot of articles and books regarding financial markets and came across so many calculations and ratios. Soon enough, I found out fundamental analysis was not my cup of tea and that my calling was something else.
Then, I started focusing on technical analysis. I began with Indicators, made some profits only to see them vanish soon after. Then I understood the real purpose of Indicators, they were just for indication and served no real purpose. Further, there was no indicator which could not be ubiquitous.

After painstaking efforts, I knew the art of analysing the market using support and resistance, supply and demand, Fibonacci, Elliot waves, Patterns. With In depth analysis and hours of practice, I finally found the keys to success in financial trading. After that, I was able to predict the market with clarity. By spreading this hard earned knowledge to students in India and many foreign countries like Dubai, Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore and Qatar. I have made thousands take trading as a profession.

Accolades :

Mr Kishore kumar is being invited by many vernacular and business news channels to share his knowledge in financial markets.
He is a recipient of Radio City award for excellence in stock and commodity markets’ innovation.
He is the first Indian to reach 10,000 reputation in trading view for his accurate trading research and analysis.
He pioneered the concept of trading floor in Chennai and Coimbatore.


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