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About Trade Achievers

Trade Achievers Training Academy is the brainchild of Mr K.S Kishore Kumar, who serves as its Chief Executive Officer. He is also the chief currency analyst in the academy. He has over a decade of experience in the financial markets. Trade Achievers Training Academy was incorporated in 2013 to serve the community by spreading awareness about financial markets consisting of equity, commodity and Forex. It was made a private limited company in the year 2016.

At trade Achievers, we offer different courses ranging from basics of technical analysis to advanced options trading strategies so that, people can learn and earn for themselves. We train people belonging to gamut of age groups right from college students to retired people. Our training programmes have been designed such that they are comprehensible for a common man. Our team of trainers are also available at your services to clarify any queries regarding the concepts in the training module.

Our Team


Mr. K S Kishore Kumar

Founder & CEO

Mr. K S Deepak Kumar

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. P Kongeswaran

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. S Giritharan

Chief Financial officer & Human Resource

Marketing & Admin

Mr. E Raghu Prasad

Branch Manager

Mr. S Arunan

Digital Marketing Manager

Mrs. V C Sajitha

Admin Coimbatore

Mrs. N G Premalatha

Administrative Manager

Mr. N G Boopathy

Marketing Manager

Mrs. C Radha

Front Desk Administrator

Mr.G Louis Antony Peter

Junior Admin Associate


Research Team

Mr.John Job Branham

Digital Marketing


Mr. Muthu Selvan

Senior Trainer

Mr. G Ruban Ebenezer

Senior Trainer

Mr. M R Prasad

Senior Trainer

Mr. ManiKandan

Senior Trainer

Mrs. P Divya


Mr. K Sathyanarrayanan


We Trade Achievers introduced the concept of “Trading floor” in India.

A Pioneer

We have trading floors in our Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore each of which can accommodate up to 100 people at a time. Our wards can gain hands on experience in trading using our trading floor while having access to guidance from our trainers. We believe in the adage “Team work makes a dream work”. Our students sit together in teams and analyse different scripts and markets not only to gain expertise but also to figure out profitable trades. Thus our trading floor will serve dual purpose of practicing as well as profiting. We provide continued support to our students with respect to the courses they undergo. Our students will become members of team trade achievers.

A Dream

Trading in financial markets has been construed as something similar to gambling in the mindset of people. Trade Achievers strive hard in proving their assumptions wrong and we have made considerable success in changing the aversion that people have towards trading and view trading as a “business” whether part time or full time. We shun away rom giving calls to our students; instead, they will be able to pick plausible trades with all the ingredients of a proper trading setup including entry, targets and stop loss levels after completing our program. We believe in empowering our students to become successful traders and this is the real success for our team.

Trading in financial markets has been construed as something similar to gambling in the mindset of people.


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